This Mysterious Skeleton Lake In Himalayas Is Hiding Something Horrible!

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The Himalayas are loaded with wonders, puzzles, and psyche boggling problems.

This cold lake is prominently known as ‘Roopkund Skeleton Lake’ or ‘The Mystery Lake’, situated at the elevation of 5029 meters in Uttarakhand, an excellent state in northern India.

Amid winters, this frosty lake is a flawless spot to go skating.

Be that as it may, when the ice dissolves, the genuine repulsiveness begins. The whole zone encompassing this cold lake is secured with disposed of Human bones and skulls. There are additionally numerous unmistakably obvious skeletons at the base of this shallow lake.

It is additionally one of most inquisitive and astonishing trek course, known all through the entire world, that is encompassed by rock strew icy masses, steep slants, and snow clad mountains.

Thinking of Himalayas, first thing that comes to our mind is its alluring beauty.lake6

These skeletons were first found in 1942, when a British forest ranger while walking found himself surrounded by hundreds of human skeletons.

There are many alleged stories present in the history of this lake.  lake5

Inititally it was said that these skeletons belong to the soldiers of Japan who died while crossing this route during the World War II.                    Well, Alies weren’t the only thing that could be unfavorable.

There was another story as well.lake4

General Zorawar Singh of Kashmir, often referred as ‘Napolean of India’, who might have gotten lost in this region with his men after returning from the Battle of Tibet in 1841 and getting caught in a bad weather.

Or it could have been a suicidal ritual performed near the lake.lake3

Nevertheless, the mystery of this lake continued for decades.

Finally the forensic research showed the results. lake2

Radiocarbon dating of tbones at Oxford University finally determined the time period between 830-850 AD.

As per the local legends lake1

This story goes back to the 9th century, where the king of Kanauj, Raja Jasdhaval along with his pregnant wife, Rani Balampa, their servants, a dance troupe and others went on a pilgrimage to Nanda Devi shrine, and the group faced a storm with large hailstorm, from which entire party perished near the Roopkund.

And further study of the skeletons


Further examinations showed that they were killed by heavy blows to the skull. Also, the analysis of skull showed that all of the people died in a similar way, from blows to the head.

Indicating that the blows came directly from above, scientists concluded that the hailstorm was the reason behind the death of all those people.

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