Relation of Alcohol and Belly Button

Relation of Alcohol and Belly Button
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Traditional healing remedies may be mysterious every so often and none so than this newsletter’s remedy.

If you are in combat flu, common bloodless, catarrh, cough, menstrual and stomach pain via placing 50% alcohol for your navel.

What you want to do is soak a cotton ball in approximately two tablespoons of 50% alcohol that has been poured in a bowl and location this soaked cotton ball on your Belly Button.

Relation of Alcohol and Belly Button

By using attempting out this remedy you’ll instantly be secure and any ache you have will vanish.

It’s a very powerful traditional remedy that has even been used in treating muscle aches and cramps.

This alternative solution is a ways better than conventional clinical treatment as it has no aspect consequences.

Relation of Alcohol and Belly Button


Each time you’re down with flu or bloodless all you need to do is soak a cotton ball in alcohol then squeeze out any extra alcohol and after which you positioned the cotton ball on your navel.


To ensure this is doesn’t fall off make certain you use one massive sufficient to live placed. You can also cowl it the use of a plastic bag or material.


In case you want to get on the spot relief from menstrual and belly ache all you want to do using your fingers, is to place stress for your navel with the alcohol soaked cotton ball.


When trying to gain comfort out of your menstrual pain just lie flat for your lower back and gently observe some stress to your belly button, if you aren’t at ease doing this, then you could solicit the assist of a person.


Very quickly you may feel a great deal higher and the relief is not short-lived but durable and as mentioned earlier with no damaging side consequences in any way.

Relation of Alcohol and Belly Button


So strive it out today and get an immediate remedy from your colds, flu, cough and abdominal pains!

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