Proud to be why?

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Friends, if someone calls you mad then it is natural to be angry. But if someone calls me so, I’m crazy to say, I am proud of it.
Are you surprised that why I ‘m saying it? But after reading this article will not.

It tells you if you suffer from  ANXIETY SYNDROME INTELLIGENT then it shows that you are Intelligent and the Compassionate.

The psychologists say that anxious people are able to visualize in disturbing situations and can imagine the causes of their anxiety. The great people of the world in which scientist Isaac Newton and Nicolas Tesla, poet Alfred Tennyson, web Yeats, American leader Abraham Lincoln is included. Hence these Great heroes of the world gone through so many fights and become famous.

Is it ever happened to you, that you do get to go out of the house, put a lock on the door of your house, then get out a little bit, and is doubt generated in your mind that whether you put the lock properly or not , and then found everything is OK, and then get going, and then again and then again to investigate Your doubts. If so happens, it means you are suffering from OBSESSIVE COMPULSIVE DISORDER.

It also helps if you are just a bit too OCD. Because such people are diligent in their work. OCD scientist checks his work ten times and then it is sanctioned. Apparently, these people are more successful in their work and profession. They prove to be a good leader because of his vigilance. The great people of the world who had similar problems, despite the well- earned in World.

Which are Albert Einstein, Charles Darwin, musician Ludwig von Beethoven, Michael Jackson, is a versatile artist named Michael Angelo

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