Potato caused the death of an entire family, read this!

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The Kitchen is the most vital part of any home. It is the place where the food for all the family members is prepared, but what if that very kitchen plays a role in the cruel death play of the entire family?

The incident happened in Russia, where a small mistake made by an 8-year-old girl led to the death of all the family members in a span of an hour. The incident has left the girl orphaned. She is in a totally devastated state.


Do you want to know what exactly happened?

Meet Maria Chelsheva, an 8-year-old who was full of life and smile was her best friend.

A small mistake made by her in the kitchen cost her way too much. She lost each and every member of her family in just a night. She was not even aware of what was happening to her family members on that dark night.

At present, Maria is being looked after by her relatives.

It was their home’s cellar which can be said to be the deathbed of the entire family.


Each of the family members went down to the cellar to fetch potatoes and never came back. It was the father who went down first, then the mother and brother and last was the grandmother who went down to the cellar.

The family comprised of a grandmother, a father, a mother and a brother. Their souls may rest in peace.


You must be thinking how a cellar can kill so many people?

We tell you, it was observed that the door of the cellar was left open. Due to the door being open, the potatoes become toxic and when the family members opened the door of the cellar, the toxic fumes present inside the cellar escaped and acted as a killer for the family members. All the 4 people died of potato toxicity. The toxic fumes killed them.


As per the past researchers, the potatoes if stored for a long period in a hot environment tends to produce an enzyme named glycoalkaloids. The enzyme gains toxicity, as the potatoes turn old.

The entire story seems like a horror fiction, sad but truth, it is the story of a girl’s life and she has to live with this devastation forever.


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