In Kerla Staring at woman for 14 seconds can get you jail

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One of the memorable lines from a fb post that has been appreciated more than 10,000 instances. Its foundation is the southern Indian country of Kerala. Its writer a element-time teacher and accountant named Vanaja Vasudev.

Her put up, written within the local language Malayalam, become a reaction to a weird remark by using a neighborhood reliable, Kerala excise commissioner Rishiraj Singh, who claim in a speech that a man who stares at a lady for more than 14 seconds can be jailed for harassment.


There’s no such regulation and Singh’s declaration has prompted a whole lot entertainment on social media. despite the fact that one news outlet offered a video of a man’s eyes staring for 14 seconds to provide its visitors can affect of what the fictional offence could sense like from the factor of view of the man or woman being stared at.

However, Vasudev’s factor became that if the sort of regulation did exist then it would be a case of double requirements.

“To inform the reality, if a handsome man passes by using, I test him out. whether or not it’s miles at a temple backyard, a church pageant, a bus forestall, whilst going to buy fish on the market or on manner to paintings, I look (which means: take a look at them out) nicely,” she wrote.

She believed it might be hypocritical for the 14-second-rule to be applied totally to guys. And how, she questioned, ought to its policed?

“How can a person like me inform the brothers (meaning: men) looking at me that they have to forestall after 13.fifty nine seconds? The quota for the day is over,” she added, “I do not know anybody’s opinion. As some distance as i’m concerned, this is not harassment; it is only for fun…You do not get pregnant from eye-touch.”


But, the responses she obtained for her post were not all supportive. Despite the fact that numerous humans praised her writing with remarks like “first rate” and “true story”, others had been critical.

One man known as her a “pottakinnattilla thavala” – or a frog in a well who doesn’t recognise there is a global outdoor.

some other comment, by a Preetha Nair, felt that Vasudev was being naive, pronouncing that “the trouble is that it (staring) is just a starting point and in many cases, the beginning of hassle.”

Vasudev informed BBC Trending that several more strongly worded and abusive messages started out pouring in, typically to her inbox. a few chided her for searching at guys and asked “her rate” to sleep with others. Others called her a “vedi” which interprets to “firework” or “bomb”, but is slang for a promiscuous female.


“My intention becomes not to troll the commissioner. i used to be looking to make a funny factor,” she says. “The enormous majority of the trolling was achieved via private message – they did not have the nerve to put up in public.”

due to the trolling, Vasudev wrote a 2d post to explain herself. This follow-up submit, which without delay addresses her online abusers, has been shared greater than 3,000 times.

Vasudev determined, she told BBC Trending, to humanise her lifestyles for her trolls. She defined her impoverished history, her father’s dying and her youth dream of “having a full belly.”

On her 2d put up, (which we’ve got translated from Malayalam), she wrote: “I stated that I take a look at boys. It does not imply that i’d come anywhere you referred to as and take off my clothes.. i am a daughter of my mom who lived with dignity even in excessive poverty. With lots of tough work, i’m independent.

Your abusive words can now not hassle me.

If you have read what became written above, do you dare to ‘fix a price’ for my dignity? If sure, please comment under this publish and now not in inbox.”

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