Dye Your Eye Brows Naturally With Henna at Home

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Undoubtedly our Eyebrows sincerely do frame our complete face, and actually are the matter of a good deal tension for those has no longer were given naturally thick brows, even though who desire the filled-in look. Here is how to Dye Your Eye Brows Naturally With Henna at Home.


If you wish to get purple tinted eyebrows or you wanaa conceal your white or grayish sun shades, henna is the quality option to both problems. However the trouble is the way to flawlessly dye your eye brows evidently with henna at home? Don’t fear in any respect. I’ve way to your issues. Test out the stepwise procedure beneath to learn how to practice:


Elements required


  • Henna powder – 1 tablespoon (frame art excellent is desired) • Water – as required • a pair of plastic gloves • a little shea butter just to keep the kitchen wraps stuck to the pores and skin • natural Indian gooseberry (alma) powder – 1 tablespoon • sparkling lemon juice – 1 teaspoon • A small glass blending bowl • A plastic spoon • A mascara brush / a simple Q-Tip • two small pieces (each can be of three″x1.5″) of kitchen wrap




We will start with placing the plastic gloves and blend of henna combination. Take a small bowl; add henna powder and organic Alma powder. Now add some water and lemon juice to make a thick consistency. Now mix properly, and make sure that there should now not be any lump or air bubble.


Cover it


Now cover the henna bowl with a cowl and keep it aside for whole night. Make sure to maintain it at room temperature and depart it for entire night. It’s going to assist the combination to combo properly, so freeing the maximum coloration from the henna.


A way to apply?Dye Your Eye Brows With Henna

Now, it is time to use the henna for your eyebrows for dye. Wash your entire face with a gentle face wash (intention the brows, manifestly) or with the help of wet tissue certainly wipe the dust from brows. Wait till it gets dried. Now, apply some shea butter round them freely. Ensure now not to use onto your brows despite the fact that. To simplify the process, you could even brush your brows inward with an eye brow brush.


Cover Henna Paste on Eyebrow with Kitchen Wrap

Dye Your Eye Brows Naturally With Henna at Home

Now, you need to cover your dye eyebrow with pieces of kitchen foil wrap. Gently place them on top and internal side of brows. Make certain to paste it properly without any air bubble.


Eliminating the Henna Paste


Dispose of the kitchen wrap across the brows then virtually rinse them and follow Shea better to get excellent outcomes. Aren’t your eye- brows searching just perfectly dyed and delightful?

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