Do and don’ts for neon apparel

Do's and Don'ts For Neon Apparel
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Dear fellow, women, bros, and all the other fellow amazing people that follow this blog. Tonight, I attended a social event at my college and found out how lots neon people put on in college. But, actually, it’s ungodly. Consequently, I notion it obligatory to create a list of do’s and don’ts for neon apparel so that you may additionally attend your ravetastic occasions not best in fashion however also in a classy manner.


The Do’s and Don’ts of Neon gear:

In no way misjudge your neon colorings. You know that yellow shirt that you thought become neon that wasn’t certainly awkward to put on to a highlighter birthday celebration. No longer handiest due to the fact you don’t absolutely glow within the darkish like the entire different cool, but because yellow within the darkish sort of looks as if shit. Tip for checking if something is neon you could bypass the guessing and purchase it with a sticker that says “glows within the dark” due to the fact, hell, this is just keeping it foolproof b) ask your fine boyfriend to use his backlight.



1) In no way wear all neon. You will hurt people’s eyes and appear like a street sign. Neon tops frequently pair well with black spandex. If you are attending a highlighter birthday celebration (to that you put on a white shirt) you may wear neon shorts. It’s all about stability.



2) BROS: Do not put on highlighter colored to magnificence. First off, it washes out your face inside the daylight hours. Secondly, it looks like you went to a Ralph Lauren sale on acid. Bro, you aren’t in Miami, rolling face at Tiesto. You are in a poorly lit cafeteria.


3) too much neon spandex is never right. Pair tight bottoms  with a flown pinnacle, or vice versa.


4) Ladies, that is SOO vital. Do now not ever, in no way, ever put on a shit ton of concealed to a blacklight birthday celebration. You look ORANGE below blacklight. I do now not care in case you spent three fucking hours matching your bronzer in your concealer to your cover-up. Your face will glow in addition on your garb and you’ll for sure appear to be a clown. Concealer fails in blacklight.


5) Bros and gals, in no way go out in traffic wearing neon in huge daylight hours. You will be mistaken for a rightful hired hand and motive serious struggles at the roadways.


6) If a bro-tank is neon, that makes that particular blouse 10x greater duchy. Just FYI if you experience the want to wear it.


7) In no way pair something neon with gold-rimmed shades. If you do this you both appear like you are an ecu transfer scholar or a total device.


There you’re men and dolls, the ones are the regulations. I’s positive there are numerous extra, but in case you keep on with those 8 primary recommendations you may appearance not best like you are ready to celebration but you will look stellar doing so.

Preserve it classy oldsters!

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