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So even as picking a fragrance can be a frightening challenge, fraught with wrong turns, perfume jargon, and a dizzying array of white blotters, the cease end result is well worth it. We turned to some of the world’s quality fragrance specialists (the French, who else?) to reply your questions about the 3 big classes of perfume and create a street map to coming across your perfect combination.

You’re a Floral Type If…


You adore the polished, delicate vibe of Grace Kelly or Audrey Hepburn.

  • You choose a walk thru a country lawn to a stroll inside the woods.
  • you are drawn to powdery creams and potions—stylish and feminine.

Our professional Francis Kurkdjian is the award-triumphing nose behind perfumes like Narciso Rodriguez for Her and Burberry My Burberry. “Florals translate to natural femininity,” he says.

You’re a Fresh Type If…


You spend your weekend’s exterior.

  • You do not mind carrying something androgynous.
  • You like citrus anything—candles, soaps, laundry detergent, candies.

these brilliant, sunny mixes—suppose crisp citrus, cool aquatic elements, and inexperienced, grassy notes—telegraph that you’re “superb comfortable in your own skin, complete of tremendous mind-set

You’re a Warm Type If…


You’re unafraid of siren red lipstick and a smoky eye.


  • Your dream vacation is to Marrakech or Istanbul.


  • You adore extreme flavors—decadent highly spiced or sweet ingredients like sticky toffee pudding.

This class of wealthy, darkish perfumes has a horny, moody enchantment that may be rather evocative,

Espresso beans are normally no longer too a long way away in every fragrance store. In case you ask any clerk, they claim it’s because sniffing them “resets” your fragrance signs. But Shumate and Luby endorse that this is an antique perfumer’s tale. “It’s any other robust heady scent,” they explain. as a substitute, they smell themselves. “Bury your nose for your own elbow that doesn’t have perfume. It sincerely works. Something approximately your

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