Can you believe it that two Men in Delhi stole more than 900 iPhones using a chilli powder? If not, read this

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The Robberies and hijacks have become a common term these days. Even a child of 5 years age is well aware of these terms. The capital city, Delhi is shamed by another incident of robbery and hijack which has once again raised an alert about the safety of the citizens in the Capital.


Think about this, a hijack of a truck carrying a large amount of iPhones and the equipment used for hijacking is not a gun or a pistol, but a chilli powder. Can’t believe this? It is indeed hard to believe, here is an excerpt.

A truck carrying a consignment of 950 iPhones worth more than 2.5 crores was hijacked near the Vasant Kunj area in South Delhi on 13th September, Tuesday. The entire plan was made and executed by two youths who are identified as Arman, 22 and Mehtab Alam, 24; both are the residents of the Mahipalpur region of Delhi. They indulged in a harmless and bloodless theft, using a chilli powder.


The incident was reported to the Vasant Kunj Police station by Kamal Singh, who was the driver of the truck carrying the iPhone consignment. The driver reported that the incident happened when he was carrying the consignment in the truck from Okhla to Dwarka and a packet of red powder was thrown into his cabin. At the first incidence, he took it as a prank, but later on, he felt the terrible pain in his eyes. A few minutes had passed and then he was made a captive by the two robbers and all the mobile phones were robbed near Rajkori Flyover.

The robbers were joined by two other men named Pradeep and Bhola, who are reported to be the former drivers of the truck, who left their jobs weeks ago.


The robbers are in police custody and all the stolen mobiles have been recovered.

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