8 Amazing Reasons Why Women Need To Eat Chocolates During Pregnancy

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No No…No chocolates amid pregnancy, have some control dear! Here are extraordinary reasons why pregnant ladies ought to give shock treats to themselves with heavenly chocolates. Really, eating chocolates keeps certain difficulties, for example, pre-eclampsia, circulatory strain, an expansion in weight, pulse, an increment in weight and heart sicknesses. It keeps up anxiety level as well as makes children more happier. Medical experts have given a *star mark endorsement on the dim chocolates for its medical advantages for to be mothers.

Oleic corrosive is a sound monounsaturated fat, present in chocolates. It is the same fat which is available in olive oil. Stearic corrosive is another sort of immersed fat which doesn’t have the negative impact on cholesterol.

Be that as it may, before jumping into chocolates,

1. Check gestational diabetes.

2. Control on your amount of chocolates, it can make fat and even get to be tricky amid labor.

3. Amid pregnancy just, up to 200 mg caffeine is permitted every day.

Here are the accompanying reasons of must have chocolates amid pregnancy :

1. Prevent pre-eclampsia


Preeclampsia is a terrifying condition that causes a rapid rise in blood pressure which can seriously harm both the baby and the mother. But addiction to some extra dark chocolates, especially during first 3 months, can lower the risk of preeclampsia.

2. Proper blood pressure


Theobromine is popularly known for its health benefits especially in the regulation of blood pressure. It is present in cocoa which is used to make chocolates.

3. Wow…antioxidants in chocolates


Dark chocolates are rich in antioxidants. These antioxidants improve immunity and fight certain cancers and aid in the cardiovascular system.

4. Amazing! Chocolates are rich in iron, magnesium, and other nutritional things.


Magnesium is used significantly with fatty acid metabolism which can benefit pregnant women from these nutrients.

5. It can prevent heart diseases too..


Darker the chocolate is, better it is for the pregnant women. Due to the antioxidant properties of the dark chocolates, it prevents heart diseases.

6. Happy moms…happy babieschocob

A chocolate a day can affect baby’s behavior. It is scientifically proven that pregnant women who indulge in chocolates give birth to happier babies.

7. It can help you manage weight and reduce bad cholestrolchocow

Yes, chocolates are delicious. But, it must be consumed moderately. A pregnant woman should choose low fat and low sugar chocolates which would help by reducing cholesterol.

8. It can make you stress-freechocos   As anything consumed in excess can be toxic comparatively than favorable. Chocolates are satisfaction and hence no doubt it can boost pregnant woman’s mood. Thus, they should have chocolates in moderation.

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