Few widespread superstitions people don’t know

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Few widespread superstitions people don’t know

1 – Playing bell in Temple:-

        People interprets that playing bell makes god happy and will prosperity

       Logic:-Playing bell gives positive vibration which reduces mental stress and gives healthy environment results in healthy life.

2- Chili Lime hang in the door:-  

     Remove the evil Eye and Bad Omen

    Logic: – Satiric acids in lemon pepper pesticide works which prevent insects from getting in the house.

 3- Taking a shower after coming home from Graveyards:- 

    Soothes the soul of the dead man and there is peace in the house.

   Logic: – Before hepatitis, deadly diseases like smallpox was not the vaccine. Bathed after the funeral was to   not spread any disease.

 4- Dropping coin in the pond:- 

     It is considered good luck in life

   Logic: – In earlier times the coins were made of copper. If the long-term copper remains in water bacteria  in the water die. In addition, copper is a good nutrient for health.

 5 –Tuesday,  and Saturday, no hair should wash with soap:-   

      Washing Hair in these days considers being bad luck

      Logic: – In ancient times, this method was adopted to save water

 6 – Must not cut nails at night:-

     This is considered as bad Omen.

   Logic: – In ancient times, there was no electricity at night.  So to go hand-cut nails from biting feared.

7 – People should not sleep at night under the peepal trees:

      Peepal trees at night are incurred and Souls.

     Logic: – Huge amounts of carbon dioxide in trees at night (Carbon dioxide) releases the gas Which is  detrimental to our health



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